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Frequently Asked Questions

Charter a yacht?

Chartering a sail or motor yacht affords you FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY to have a great holiday with your loved ones with a minimum of fuss. No hassles to find out where to go: your yacht’s Captain has excellent knowledge of the area, will advise on activities on board and on the water and can recommend places of interest to visit ashore. You can travel without standing in line, finding your way, taking taxis or carrying suitcases around. As there will be something for everyone, keeping all guests young or old entertained, will be easy. Your chosen yacht can be as luxurious as a moving six-star villa, with a Captain, qualified chef and crew to look after your well-being at all times.

Why charter with Camper & Nicholsons?

Camper & Nicholson’s charter division is one of the largest in the world. With offices around the world, including in Hong Kong and Thailand, we have access to over 2,500 charter vessels worldwide. This allows us to present the best charter options for you and your family, friends and/or clients.

Our global team is familiar with most reputable luxury charter vessels and destinations from the Mediterranean and Caribbean, to the South Pacific islands, Australia and Asia.

We help you tailor-make your holiday, ensure your favorite food and drinks are on board and assist in optimizing your preferred on-board and on-shore activities. Of course, the itinerary is flexible and yours to change whenever and wherever your fancy takes you, under the guidance of your Captain.

Found your perfect charter yacht! Now what’s next?

After you have selected your ideal yacht and we’ve discussed a provisional itinerary, we send you a MYBA Charter Agreement. Usually 50% of the charter fee is paid immediately to secure your booking. Balance of the charter fee, plus the Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA), any taxes plus delivery or other applicable fees are due for payment one month to six weeks prior to embarkation.

What is that, an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA)?

This term describes the yacht’s running expenses and can include cost for food and beverages for you and your guests, harbour fees, yacht fuel, local taxes, National Park fees and any specially required provisions or activities such as scuba diving, hiring a massage therapist for your trip etc. In general, the APA is between 20% and 30% of the total charter fee. During the charter, all APA costs incurred are noted and the captain will provide a full account and receipts. According to the account balance either a refund is made or further payments are due. Please note most yachts are only able to accept payments in cash. In Asia, there is often an all-inclusive charter rate instead of an APA.

What about food?

Six weeks to one month before boarding we send you a questionnaire regarding your food and beverage preferences and any dietary or medical requirements for any of the guests in your group. We also discuss activities you would like to do and any land excursions you might be interested in. This allows your crew to fully anticipate what you want and to provide personally tailored service.

Our charter yachts’ chefs are qualified and experienced and provide excellent, delicious meals. Should you prefer to discuss the entire menu beforehand with the chef, that’s no problem.

Where will we sleep?

Yachts have separate cabins or ‘staterooms’, usually for two guests with either one double bed or two singles. The largest cabin is called the ‘Master’ or ‘Owner’s Cabin’. There’s no limit to the level of luxury. Your cabin on board might be larger than a regular hotel room. Even though a yacht is moving, it is a stable platform. After a while you will probably forget you’re on a yacht!

Can I go on a yacht and still have telephone and internet connection?

Most luxury yachts have satellite phone and internet capability. Sometimes there are additional charges for this service. Most charter destinations have mobile phone services available.

Can I bring children?

Of course as all yachts are child-friendly, although the crew are always quite busy with their assigned duties and are not at liberty to offer childcare services. So if your charter party consists also children, you will be fully responsible for their safety, conduct and entertainment and no member of the crew shall be held responsible for their safety or entertainment.

Can I bring my pet?

Yachts do not permit guests to bring pets on board for several reasons. Crew is required to maintain rigid cleanliness standards for all their guests and there is a potential of allergens from animals remaining on board. Animals are typically not accustomed to the strict confinement of a ship and an active cruising itinerary can be quite uncomfortable for pets. Just like humans, animals can also be sensitive to the effects of motion and may become disoriented or lethargic

Do I need to carry my passport?

Yes, all guests must carry valid passports even in the case the charter will take place entirely within the jurisdiction of the country where you embark. Visas, if applicable, are the responsibility of the charterer and must be secured in advance of the charter.

Who plans the menus?

Your personal chef will prepare the menu to meet your requests. We will be sending you a food preference sheet to fill in, so you let us know your favorite foods and beverages. Your chef will usually provide a sample menu of the yacht’s cuisine. Chefs take great pride in their dishes and use the freshest ingredients available.

Will I experience seasickness?

This situation is hard to predict. In fact you may be the best judge based on previous experience. If you are worried about seasickness check with your local pharmacist for special medication before you leave home. If you are new to yacht chartering, let the crew know; they will make your trip as comfortable as possible by recommending routes in protected waters and keeping tabs on changing weather conditions.

Will my privacy be respected while on board?

Professional crews are experienced with entertaining the yacht’s owner and guest, celebrities and prominent statesmen. They are trained to be discreet and to give you as much privacy as you desire.

I understand that a tip is expected? Can you clue me in on how and how much?

The crew’s gratuity is entirely a matter for your personal discretion, should you feel satisfied with the level of service received on board, a usual gratuity amount is of 10% of the charter fee. We recommend that any gratuity should be handed to the captain to distribute fairly among all members of the crew.

Do I need to buy insurance during the charter?

Your charter agreement will detail insurance provisions: the yacht remains insured by the owner during your charter, however we recommend in some cases that you purchase liability coverage to protect you and your guests as well as personal effects from any unforeseen mishap.

What should I pack?

Yacht charter is generally an informal and relaxed kind of holiday and dressing in Greece is casual. For clothing bring bathing suits, cotton shorts, T-shirts, an extra sweater and long cotton pants for cool nights and a light foul-weather gear for the occasional rainy days. Of course, you might also like to have the option for more formal attire for elegant dining and eveningwear.

Rubber-sole shoes for a firm grip on slippery decks, to prevent foot injury and to protect the boat’s surface is always recommended. The crew appreciates soft luggage instead of bulky space-consuming suitcases since on board storage may be limited. For sun protection, do bring your favorite sun block or sunscreen, sunglasses with an anti-ultraviolet coating and a hat, turban or headscarf. Last you may bring with you a small telescope for stargazing and a camera for daydreaming.