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Schools and Co to launch new Tap n Go, tasty freshly made and healthy TAP N GO all day bags.

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Tap N Go is a new concept from Wixted Catering, a new and disruptive and will offer an delicious alternative to a vending machine, which are often filled with junk food.

Students, teachers and pupils will have a choice of 5 different tasty freshly made and healthy TAP N GO all day bags. Which can be bought trough an app or cashless card system, Customers choose from the daily selection which includes non dairy and gluten & nut free and when they get to the fridge the RFID chip unlocks the it unlocks and they can take their food. The data is transmitted to back to their central production and can be restocked up to 3 times a day and so for larger sites they can do breakfast and lunch and even after school clubs.

Each bag has a fresh salad, sandwich or wrap, a healthy bits& dip, a side dish and home made treat bar and a bottle of freshly made functional fruity water. All nutritionally balanced, and the menu changes every week so you will never be bored,. The delicious bags meet all school, and hospital nutritional guidelines and everything is made hours before its delivered to the fridges. As Tap N Go gains traction any one will able to use the system in any location so it can cross into many sectors and is being hailed as the new way of vending.

The concept was developed with the Schools & Co Ethos to deploy technology and digital devices that save time both students and teachers time which adds convenience in order to maximise break times and be advocated for change and helps to promote better health and wellbeing, and in making sure that the food & canteen experience at their school is an inclusive and positive and memorable one.


The core focus of the of Schools & Co concept is creating delicious food from sustainable, fresh and seasonal produce and part of the initiative is that any unsold bags will be collected when the new bags are being delivered and will be distributed to local homeless charities to help those less fortunate and to combat single use plastic there will be a drop at the fridge for their fruity water bottles will credit all the users in that location up to 50 cents based on the number of glass bottles returned each day to help combat single use plastic and all the wrappings will be paper or recyclable which helps waste to landfill.

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